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Tsarevshchino kissel is good for your body in a convenient form.
Фото 1 - Milk thistle kissel "Tsarevshchino", 5 pieces.
Milk thistle kissel "Tsarevshchino", 5 pieces

Milk thistle kissel “Tsarevshchino” – is a natural drink based on milk Thistle meal without sugar, which does not require…

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Фото 2 - Flaxseed kissel "Tsarevshchino", 5 pieces.
Flaxseed kissel "Tsarevshchino", 5 pieces

Flaxseed kissel “Tsarevshchino”  – is a natural drink based on flax seeds without sugar, which does not require cooking….

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Фото 3 - Oatmeal kissel "Tsarevshchino", 5 pieces.
Oatmeal kissel "Tsarevshchino", 5 pieces

Oatmeal kissel “Tsarevshchino”  – is a traditional Russian drink with the beneficial properties. — Oat grain contains unique polysaccharides-…

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\\\”Tsarevshchino\\\” oatmeal kissel. Oat-based kissel is rich in unique polysaccharides- beta-glucans which bind and remove cholesterol form the body and improve metabolism. Milky stage oat extract contains flavonoids that are used to protect the liver and have a tonic effect.

Flax seed kissel \\\”Tsarevshchino\\\”. Flax seed-based kissel normalizes hormonal balance, improves the gastrointestinal tract functioning, activates cell repair processes and helps reduce cholesterol level due to the high content of PUFAs omega 3 and flavolignan.

Milk thistle kissel \\\”Tsarevshchino\\\”. The drink contains a large amount of flavolignan and PUFAs omega 6 which have a protective and regenerative effect on the liver and biliary tract cells, improve metabolism and also participate in the construction and functioning of cell membranes throughout the body.

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