Kissel "Jelly+" with cranberry, 5 pieces

Kissel “Jelly+” with cranberry, 5 pieces

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Kissel “Jelly+” with cranberry, 5 pieces  – is a natural vitaminized beverage based on berries, sugar free, which does not require cooking.

Kissel “Jelly+” with cranberry is a traditional Russian drink with the beneficial properties:

— B vitamins, fructose and the trace element selenium, which are part of the kissel, serve as a source of energy and provide antioxidant protection of the body.

— Pectin is an important part of dietary fiber, strengthens the motor and secretory functions of the intestine and bile secretion, has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, promotes the elimination of cholesterol from the body.

— Cranberries are an excellent dietary product due to their sour taste, they stimulate the appetite, increase the secretion of salivary glands and gastric acid.

Kissel “Jelly+” with cranberry increases performance, has a general tonic effect, helps the digestion.

Kissel “Jelly+” with cranberry is a fast-cooking drink, so it is convenient for everyone: for workers and students, as well as for the elderly people. It can be cooked on the go, at home, at work in the office (instead of tea or coffee).

Sugar free kissel “Jelly+” with cranberry is available for people with diabetes.

Cooking method: 25g of powder (a package) pour 1 cup (200ml) of boiling water and mix.

Duration of intake – 1 month.

Nutrition facts in 100 g/25 g: protein – 0 g, fat – 0 g, carbohydrates – 87 g/22 g, vitamin B6, at least – 8 mg/2 mg, vitamin B2, at least – 8 mg/2 mg, vitamin B1, at least – 3.4 mg/0.85 mg, folic acid, at least – 0.8 mg/0.2 mg, selenium, at least – 140 µg/35 µg, soluble dietary fiber, at least – 1.2 g/0.3 g, calories – 350 kcal/ 88 kcal (1480 kJ/370 kJ).

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It is a sweetener that can be consumed even by people with diabetes
dried cranberry
Cranberries contain more tannin, which have active infection control
pectin thickener
It normalizes the intestinal microflora, improves digestion, and has a bactericidal effect
vitamin B6
Vitamin regulates fat metabolism, promotes the production of red blood cells, and helps nerve cells absorb glucose
vitamin B2
Activates the body's metabolism
vitamin B1
It is necessary for the processes of growth and development, regulation of the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems
folic acid (vitamin B9)
It reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood serum, has a positive effect on liver and intestinal functions
organic selenium (selenopyrane)
Selenium is the most important element that provides antioxidant protection of the body's cells, as well as protects the oil from rancidity and oxidation

Excipients:starch, acidity regulator citric acid, flavouring "Cranberry"


Adults should take 25 g of powder (a package) per day at mealtimes, as a dietary supplement – an additional source of B vitamins, folic acid, selenium, and soluble dietary fiber containing flavonoids.

The intake of one portion of kissel satisfies: the daily need of the human body for vitamin B1 by at least 60% (at least 0.85 mg), in B2 by at least 125% (at least 2 mg), in B6 by at least 100% (at least 2 mg), in folic acid by at least 100% (at least 0.2 mg), in selenium by at least 50% (at least 35 µg); an adequate level of consumption of soluble dietary fiber by at least 15% (at least 0.3 g), flavonoids — at least 10 % (at least 3 mg).


  • improve digestion



Shelf life:1 year. Store in a dry place, at a temperature up to + 25 °C, after opening store in a place protected from light.
Presentation:granules, 25 g in a metallized polypropylene bag.