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Biokor company has been specializing in the development and production of healthy food for 28 years. We honor the traditions and accumulated experience but we are ready for experiments and thoughtfully introduce innovative technologies


Biokor has been specializing in the development and production of nutritional supplements and healthy products for 30 years. Biokor can be justifiably considered a pioneer of this direction.

The company, which was created by Chizhov Vladimir Petrovich, was founded in 1991. At the moment, the managing director is Sergey Vladimirovich Chizhov.

Currently, the Biokor company has 300 qualified employees, extensive production facilities and high-performance lines that perform a full production cycle from processing of raw material to finished product packaging.

Biokor is a leading producer of dietary supplements. Among the registered dietary supplements there are more than 50 items and all of them are produced in accordance with the established requirements of sanitary normes and rules.

Biokor has been growing raw for own production since 2002. Limited liability company Agrofirm Biokor was created as a part of the group of companies in the autumn of 2004.


Currently, we grow the following crops on the area of 4400 ha of the Biokor-C Agrofirm:

  • Winter crops – wheat, rye, triticale;
  • Spring crops – peas, naked oat;
  • Oilseeds – flax seeds, milk thistle.


We use all agricultural products in the production of OOO Biokor company.

We purchased new agricultural equipment, seeds and fertilizers for the work of the company. A group of young energetic specialists, who know their stuff and have a correct approach to the production process, headed by Alenin Pavel Grigorievich, an associate professor of Penza State Agricultural Academy, work in the company.

When cultivating agricultural crops, we use modern technologies with minimal use of chemical plant protection products, which ensures high product quality.


The pride of the Company is the technology of production of extruded products with a high content of dietary fibers. According to this development, we create and produce a series of breakfast cereal to improve the activity of gastrointestinal tract. We have been working for a long time on the technology for producing cold-pressed flax seed oil, and as a result, we found the optimum modes of oil production and selected flax varieties that allow us to obtain oil at the level of world-class products.

A special activity area of Biokor Company is the production of a unique selenium-organic antioxidant of selenopiranum and dietary supplements based on it. The Company has medical and biological research department in its structure, equipped with a vivarium and a laboratory. The biomedical research department was established in 2001.

The department participates in product development, testing and information support. The department oversees the following areas of product development: search for raw information, primary composition, preclinical studies of compositions intended for registration in comparison with known analogues or precursors, clinical studies at the registration stage (if necessary), correction of the composition, testing of the final composition, support for the registration of the finished product.

The department has a vivarium for testings. It is equipped with additional equipment for evaluation of nutrition (metabolic cell), behavior (T-shapes maze), physical activity (motored activity wheels, swimming tank). A contract was signed with the Penza State Agricultural Academy for the joint use of a certified laboratory.

In the laboratory we do general clinical and biochemical studies of biological material get from experimental animals and master a wide range of unified and knowledge-intensive methods for studying the components of the following main systems of a living organism: detoxifying, immune, hormonal, anti-oxidant.

We have accumulated extensive experience in modeling pathological and stressful conditions that allow us to evaluate the biological effect and effectiveness of food, active pharmaceutical ingredients and minor components of food.


Currently, the range of the output products is represented by the following areas:

  • Sedatives on the basis of valerian
  • Dietary supplements of tonic effect
  • Dietary supplements to support liver function
  • Dietary supplements for women
  • Oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Чайные напитки
  • Эхинацея
  • Fruit and berry drinks enriched with vitamins and selenium
  • Products containing cereals dietary fiber
  • Herbal tea drinks
  • Foods containing dietary fiber in cereals
  • Flax products containing flavolignans
  • Лизоцим с инулином
  • Биосорб

We promote products (not only well-known brands, but also new ones) to the market. Nowadays, the company’s products are widely represented both in Russia and in neighbouring countries. In order to provide fast and wide range of customer service, we organized a regional warehouse in Moscow to service the distributor companies and pharmacy chains.

Products from the warehouse are delivered to the consumer within 48 hours after receiving the order. We renew the products every week, so the customers can be sure that they get the latest products.

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