1. Information about the conditions for selecting a contracting party to enter into a delivery contract

We sell dietary supplements on the basis of supply agreements concluded in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Before entering into an agreement to confirm the legal capacity of a juristic person, its executive bodies/ private entrepreneur, as well as to exclude the possibility of invalidating the arrangment on the grounds provided for in article 168 of the Russian Federation, each Client must provide the following set of documents:

  1. Charter with all changes;
  2. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs with a validity period of not more than one month from the date of issue;
  3. State registration certificate;
  4. Certificate of registration with a tax authority at the place of residence in the Russian Federation;
  5. Certificate of record in the Uniform State Register of legal entities of legal entity registered prior to July, 1, 2002 or Certificate of record in the Uniform State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs of individual entrepreneur registered prior to January 1, 2004;
  6. A document confirming the authority of a person to sign a contract (a decision on assignement to a position or a power of attorney to sign the relevant contract).
  7. Bank signature card certified by the bank with samples of signatures of financially responsible persons (for legal entities).
  8. A tax declaration for value added tax or a document confirming the application of a special tax regime.

These documents must be duly certified (the seal of the organization, the signature of the authorised person including his/her position, full name and on wording True copy).

A document with 2 (two) and more pages must be bind securely, numbered, or each page must be certified.

Circumstances that may lead to the refusal of OOO Biokor company from the possibility of cooperation are:

— introduction of bankruptcy procedures in relation to a potential Buyer (taking into account the specific circumstances of the bankruptcy case and the expected terms of cooperation);

— information about the potential Buyer’s repeated violation of supply agreement concluded with the Buyer’s contractors;

— facts of violation of the current legislation by the potential Buyer.

The potential Buyer’s compliance assessment is made in accordance with the above conditions. Information is collected from open sources, as well as from the other sources at the discretion of OOO Biokor company. The decision to enter into a supply agreement with a potential buyer and stipulation the optimal conditions for cooperation is made by OOO Biokor company independently.

In addition, OOO Biokor company conducts an independent search for buyers, not limited to reviewing the submitted offers.

OOO Biokor company reserves the right to revise conditions for selecting contractors to enter into supply agreements, change the terms and procedure for providing potential Buyers with the necessary information.

  1. Information about the essential terms of such an agreement

Payment is made via a bank to the Supplier’s bank account specified in the contract.

The cost of an order is determined in accordance with the approved price lists, developed depending on the distance and delivery method of dietary supplements. You can download the basic price list here.

Here you can find the terms of standard supply agreements:

Download a standard supply agreement for 100% prepayment

Download a standard supply agreement on the terms of a deferred payment

Download a standard supply agreement on the terms of payment upon delivery


  1. You can download information about the quality and safety of food products here